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[Marilyn Manson][Korn][Monkhouse][Stricknien DC][Porn]


Marilyn Manson - Antichrist Superstar

Fuk, I love MM. Portrait of an American Family was f**king amazing, Smells like Children was confusing and this is just orgasmic. Well, it is if you suffer from Premature Ejaculation. MM seem to be in love with the idea of worms, don't ask me why... they just go on and on about them. The first track is a tad annoying with it's crowd chanting going on for half a minute. Ya have to fast forward it unless ya want to here the repetitive 'YEEEEHHHHHH!!!! GO GO GOOOO' for 30 seconds. After that though, it's fucking excellent. 'Irresponsible Hate Anthem' is my idea of 90s punk if it hadn't existed at all and this is it's first appearance, if you know what I mean. (Probably not) 'Angel with scabbed wings' would have to be one of my favourite tracks of all time, kinda thrashy, noisey, slight tint of industrial in it. Well it would... having Trent Reznor (I worship this bloke. Off NIN) as the producer and all. '1996' is pretty good too, telling us all that we're all pretty much Anti everything and it doesn't matter how many things we hate, everything else hates us too. Thought provoking stuff on this album (Apart from the worm bits) especially on the last track, which I think is awesome lyrically. Anyway. If ya like NIN but with less keyboards and a bit more live drums, then you'll love MM.

Korn - Life is Peachy

A bit disappointing in my opinion. Their first album was entangled in anger and emotion, and this incarnation just seems to be a sales ploy by Sony for the kids who liked the 'growling and screaming'. It just seems to be all the tracks that didn't make it into the first album. First track 'Twist' is just a kinda voice rehersal for him. Just going a bit psycho. There's a rap track in it (Wicked) which I thought was pretty good, but I'm sure most Korn fans won't. It even has a f**king cover of the track off the Marmite ads - 'Low Rider'. Even the titles have less of the teenage angst and anger that appeared in the first album... 'Good God' 'Mr. Rogers' and 'A.D.I.D.A.S.' (All day I dream about sex) are just pathetic. I saw them live over the summer, and I thought they were sh*te. I couldn't make out any of the songs at all. Of all the bands out there, Korn seems to be the most stereotypical example of selling out. Kids want big thrashy guitars and growling vocals... Sony finds Korn. Sony are happy. Korn are happy with big pay cheque. Korn make good songs. After a while, Sony want more songs. Korn are a bit empty creatively and probably knackered from touring. This is the result. Half arsed and nowhere near as good. It's a pity. They are capable of a shitload more, and this is just a cash in on their previous work.

Monkhouse - Glue Bag

Monkhouse have split up now. Arse. Apparantly their new incarnation is Steeky. Seeing them on Saturday. Anyway. I love this band, who for some reason remind me of Therapy? pre-Infernal Love. Don't ask me why... 'Kill Yr Parents' is the token "Scare the media into giving us free publicity" track, which is fine musically but doesn't really fit in lyrically with 'For a day' which I think is about the singer not having a father around his childhood. 'Fashion Mags' is excellent, telling the listener that Punk's 'Not a fashion, it's a way of life' and basically giving poncey wank wannabe punx a kick up the bollox and that just because they dye their hair green/red/aqua fukin marine doesn't make them a punk. Great stuff on Monkhouse's behalf.

Striknien DC - From the Dead Room

The other half of the double album. Striknien are proper punk... Not the wanky pop-punk ya get in HMV like Offspring that all the 'punks' in my school listen to religiously. I'm not saying I'm a proper punk or anything, just that I loathe people who think they are. Anyway... In case ya haven't guessed... I love this band. Their energetic punk riffs and vocals blend together perfectly. 'Drugs Crisis' describes drugs so f**king well and so simply... Excellent stuff. You can get thison CD for 6, I think. Rejected Records, 9 Woodlands Ave., Dun Laoghaire.

Porn - The Sound of...

In case ya ever lay awake at night wondering if I have any links whatsoever to blokes who beat things with sticks, you'll be pleasantly surprised to learn that I am. The drummer - Ollie, *Gasp of shock coincidence* is my girlfriend's cousin. But before you run off to tell your granny about it, read the rest of this review... I like this band. Alot. A HELL of alot. Once known as Suffering Spacehoppers, Porn (Love the name) are now officially in my list of favourite bands. 'Birthday Cake Hair' starts off the EP. Perfect amount of mellowness and thrash. Christ I love this. I'm going to play it again now. *Sigh of satisfaction* Anyway. GET IT NOW!!! Send 2 to: Richard Doran, 71 Templeogue Rd., Templeogue, Dublin 6W.