HeLiUm BoNg 3

ANARCHY ???????

Does your idea of a good time consist of rebelling against the system, smashing the state and fucking authority? Do you have a deep burning hatred for "Pigs" coz they lifted ya when you were 8 years old for trying to nick a He-Man & Skeletor from ToyMaster? Do you refuse to vote because you oppose any authority in any shape or form? Well congratulations, you've proudly earned the title of an anarchist. Think back to when you were a kid. Think of how yr parents raised you. Maybe it was good, maybe it was fucking awful, & maybe yr parents didn't give a flying fuck about you. That's Anarchy. Dumping your responsibilities. Imagine an abandoned baby, noone to look after it, no relations, nothing. Just a wide eyed gurgling baby lying in the middle of the grey cold concrete. How long would it survive without anyone/anything. Not very. This is my idea of Anarchism. Since the human species has begun, there has ALWAYS been some type of authority. Look back in history, there's been Presidents, Kings, Queens, Tsars, etc. Even the most primative tribes has had a ruler at some stage. It is natural for a group of people to have some sort of leader. Think of it in basic terms... How well do you think your favourite football team would play without a Manager? A few pathetic things I've seen in the name of anarchy included a rather dire attempt at raising an inverted Tri-colour (Which ended up to be the flag of some country in Africa I think) & even worse was when a bloke I knew found a tri-colour in his shed and in a sudden burst of defiance decided to burn it. WHY? Why do you hate the system so much? What is there to make things better? Whatever you, or anyone else does something that's genuinely fucked up, you always blame the system. Whether it's due to heroine addicts, child murders, muggings or rapings, you always blame it on the system. You make it out as if John Bruton personally runs out, shakes these offenders by the hand & buys them a pint everytime these things happen! Overthrowing the government & letting people do their own thing will not solve anything. Suppose 'power was given back to the people'. What are people meant to do for food? Will the main currency be sticks & buttons instead of the Punt? Under the trendy anarchist system, people are meant to work for the good of each other, & not for monetary/material wealth. In other words, people work in the farms to feed the nation in exchange for... well... a free mug of tea I suppose. All of the factory owned/sponsored fields are now overworked, because... HEY! This is anarchy! We feed ourselves! We don't need your imports! We can live on our own potatoes & air!

"Now that we don't have an oppressive government to watch over us & crack the whip, we can do our own thing. Great, I'll sit down & watch some TV. Oh. Glenroe again. What happened to the X-Files? The one where Scully gets her kit off is on tonight! Oh yeh... It costs money to buy those shows. But hey! We don't need money! We're anarchists! Maybe I'll go into town... Ah fuck it. The bus drivers are taking another week off. Suppose I'll just walk. Maybe I'll go & buy some new shoes these ones are pretty worn out from walking so much. Oh wait a second... They give shoes away now. All gone. Not surprised. Not many people would put in the hours at the factory to get nothing in return. Maybe I'll go nick some off yer man down the road... They can't stop me. No more police now. Now that we have vigilantes who'd tar & feather you if you so much as looked at their garden, it mightn't be such a good idea. Ah fuck that. I've got steel capped docs. They try anything on me & any hopes of future children will be out the window, along with their present ones. Heh heh heh" Maybe that doesn't coincide with the 'ideals' of anarchism, but can you honestly see how it could turn out any other way? Communism was hailed as the gift to the workers, with guaranteed work & pay but ended up as an excuse for genocide, a totalitarian government control & a free bullet in the temple if you dared to go against their given criteria. Democracy, glorified as the government for the people by the people. There's never once been a democratic, or any other party for that matter that hasn't been rotten to the core. Democracy, I believe is the best form of leadership, but only if it's done properly. At the moment, Democracy is diluted with sprinkles of Communism & huge chunks of Capitalism™. I'm not really pro-Capitalist™, but at the same time not really anti-Capitalist™. As far as I'm concerned, it's a way of life, & couldn't imagine anything different. I'm a fan of comics & would regularly have a look around Forbidden Planet & Sub-City & look for a comic that would increase in price, buy it, wait a few months & make a few bob & spend it on records. I suppose everyone's done something to that effect once. All businesses do it... Even the place where ya picked this sheet up... Comet/Freebird/wherever... if you were to tell them that making a profit from selling music is immoral & pro-Capitalist™, you can imagine where they'd tell you to stuff it.