HeLiUm BoNg 3

ANARCHY??? cont....

The thing I don't like about money though is that people become too greedy & totally different people when around money i.e. people might try to buy your friendship or people might try and scab off ya, with choruses of

"Ah go on Just a quid, please..." After telling them repeatedly
"I need my fucking money for busfare / food / photocopying / prostitution"

they end up spewing "I'm meant to be your friend". Yeh right. Thanks for being my friend. Here's a quid reward. Christ this is getting too long (Wahey!).. Anyway, to finish it off, if you have a better system that would actually work, get up off your arse and do something about it! Join a political party! Arrange a demo on Grafton St.! Write a song! Write to your local TD (!!). Make a T-Shirt saying "It's politics man, they're getting me down!" and put a little unhappy face on it or just sit in front of a computer and moan. Easy!

Q : How many anarchists does it take to change a light bulb?
A : F**K OFF!

How many of you anarchists are Anti-War &/or Anti-State? "Well, uh, we're, like, anarchists. That's like, what we do." Now how many of you own an army shirt or a pair of combats? I'll take a madly wild guess and say an incredibly large amount of you. An anarchist wearing a pair of combats or an army shirt is so contradictional, it's off the map! Doesn't Anarchism teach you to reject the state? Now what do the Army, who's job it is to protect the state, wear when they're training/fighting/etc? The exact same stuff as all you Anarchists do.

It's like a vegetarian wearing a leather jacket or leather shoes, or wearing leather underwear with zips, chains & assorted instruments of torture (Don't we all?).

"Capitalism? It's a carton of hot wank!", or words to that effect seem to be scribbled on large buildings, on the edges of zines and on eco-friendly, recycled & dolphin safe placards. But think about it for a minute... Any fanzine/freesheet that let's such a comment seep from their anarchist vocal chords would well & truly deserve a hammer & sickle up their arses. Most (if not all) fanzines/freesheets are photocopied. These photocopiers are made by Canon/Xerox or whoever, and I'd say most fanzine/freesheet blokes would head off into town to use the marvelous machines in Reads or wherever. After queing behind some Trinity student who's about to photocopy someone else's notes because they puked all over their own, they spend X amount of money to Reads, who spend X amount on paper, paying back Canon/Xerox for the machines, pay wages, electricity, rent etc. So for every fanzine/freesheet that uses photocopying as their prefered medium for getting their point across such as "Capitalism doesn't have a problem, CAPITALISM IS THE PROBLEM", actually oil the cogs of capitalism and help it's little monetary heart ticking due to their mere existences.......