HeLiUm BoNg 3


I suppose you all think that I'm some kind of capitalist corporate freak. It's not that I'm some kind of politician or something, & I do believe some rebellion towards the existing government is neccessary, after all, they're all backstabbing megalomaniac fat cats anyway, but I do honestly believe that democracy in it's legitimate is the best way forward. Maybe you think that everybody running about doing their own thing is better than people voting together, with the majority having the say, and I admit, there has been fuck ups like the bail referendum & all, but compare that to COMPLETE chaos and disorder & see which one you'd prefer.

I fucking hate all these pathetic little primary school kids express themselves by legging it about with their rebellious little Anarchy badges with Fuck the System scrawled with an 'aqua marine' crayola - using a stencil as a guide - on their jackets. These kids wouldn't survive 5 minutes in an anarchist system, for the simple fact that people like me would beat the shit out of them & get away with it... Maybe anarchy isn't too bad after all!

Socialism is a very broad topic which can not be wholly covered in the generous space Oly has given me. Socialism is a state of affairs where none is worse off than the other; where every man, no matter what colour; religion or other divided group has the same rights as another; where unemployment is a fable, poverty a myth & famine a legend; whee man triumphs not over man but triumphs in unison. How would you feel if you didn't have to worry if our job would still be there tommorow, or if your house didn't ru the risk of repossession, or if the ESB would never cut you off? How would you feel if you didn't have to worry about the future? No stress at work, free transport, free eductation, less crime no high taxes, no double taxes? This is socialism.

El Matty

(Right... sounded like a bloody ad for the socialist party, & I doubt if most of that is likely, but don't blame me! HE WROTE IT! - Oly)

You say that anarchy is peace, you say that anarchy is the world's solution. Here's - yet another graphic 'OLY' - example of anarchy. Ever watch movies/read bookS. like Clockers, Boyz in the Hood etc. You know the type where they have their own rules, the cops are scared shitless of them, they all have guns. That's anarchy. Noone to looks over you. Noone to tell you what to do.You make your own rules. A Utopia you say. Utopia. HA! My arse! When people make their own rules, everything drastically changes course. Ever play monopoly against your 3 year old cousin, and whilst explaining the rules to him, you then make up your own rule that the bloke with the boot (ie you) get's 500 quid or so every time he rolls the dice? It's great for you, but not all that fair on your little cousin who's about to go bankrupt after landing on your Hotel. (There's better examples, but I'm too fucking knackered!) Anyway. *some* of you know what I'm talking about (barely). Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that when everybody makes up their own rules, everything becomes disjointed & chaotic, & before long, the bloke with the boot has enough money to wipe his arse with. (Need to sleep... rising...). Where was I... Ah yes... them blokes with guns. They have their own rules. Whereas here we have 'The System', and there they have guns. Big Ones. Fuck around with them and that's it basically. Lead poisoning as people in the know would say. Ah fuck this. I'm off to bed.

I know that I'm not going to make many friends with this issue of HB, as most (if not all) of you believe in anarchy in some form or another, I just think it's a heap of wank tissues really. Anarchy has become too trendy for it to become a rational form of political expression, & whilst there's probably alot of people out there who would roughly share the same views as me, there's not alot who'd admit to it. Hopefully this issue will open alot of people's minds; whether it's about anarchy, democracy, socialism (Mmm... Free Nitelink...) or cheating on Monopoly (Hey man! It symbolises capitalism! Smash it man! SMASH CAPITALISM! YEH! FUCK THE SYSTEM MAN! WOAH!) Anyway. Conserve (my brain) energy! Write a bloody article for me! You do it for GN!