HeLiUm BoNg 3


This issue should reach a few more of you than usual, as I should be doing around 500ish copies this month. I probably won't have as many out in future, it's just that I have a few extra bob in the wallet for whatever reason. It's not as if I haven't been out recently, the money fairy has probably been looking down on me or something.

Isn't it a fucking brilliant feeling when you wake up on Sunday, check your wallet, and it ends up you only spent around a fiver or so? The fact that you bought 6 cans (...of coke... for all of you mad Straight Edgers out there. Wahey Sonic Birth!) in the offie, went on the knack, guzzled a Burger King Meal & got a NiteLink home (Which would be around 14-15 altogether) raises the question, "How the fuck did I do that on a fiver?". Of course, there's always the Sunday where you wake up, recalling the Fuse Bar you nibbled, the 2 cans (...of Lemon Fanta) you sipped and taking the last bus home and then wondering how the fuck you managed to spend 20. Weird stuff, this weekend business.

The weird & wonderful world of fanzines & freesheets has welcomed another newcomer to it's already suffocatingly 'nice' community. The dawning of C-4 has come to pass & brought with it all (& more) of the unethical ethics that this fine publication has. C-4 commenced it's bastardised existence as an article which was meant for HB, but got a tad long for this wee freesheet, so Ross & Bennie slapped it about and spawned a few more articles for our analysis, & I've got to say that it's bloody great! It's got a three-and-a-bit page piss take about **** , which is absolutely hilarious if you know who **** is & although it probably won't be much use to anyone who doesn't know her, it'll more than likely remind you of someone you know already. It also seems to be the one & only zine that openly praises me, which is something I like to see! (The fact that they're mates has *NOTHING* to do with it!) A little bit of endorsement never did anyone any harm! Incidentally, C-4 is, named after the plastic explosive which is universally favoured by terrorist & boycott groups, eg IRA & R.E.E.-B.O.K. (Onward, Foot Soldiers!), and not after that poxy TV channel.
Anyhoo, Send an SAE to C-4, c/o Bennie, 59 Watson Rd., Killiney, Co. Dublin for your very own 8 page copy.

A few Saturdays ago, I popped into Comet and picked up a few zines, namely S@E #17 & Go Freaks GO! #1. Although S@E obviously don't like me much, (And I hear that Clodagh & Co. would love to see my bloodied corpse after I said that someone had the right idea after I found my copy of S@E #16 ripped up, which is kinda strange considering what they said about freedom of speech in S@E #10), I still think that S@E is definitely one of the better freesheets (well, it's a fanzine now) in Dublin at the moment. It's gone up to 70p from the usual 0p, so it's a bit of a change, but you really get your moneys worth for the 44 or so pages you get. The short story about some bloke thinking about life, topping a thief and then eating some mud was quite good, if a little confusing towards the end.