A pirate radio station. Loads of info on bandz& cool SoUnD cLiPs from bands.


A new site from this fucken' 'A' dublin hardcore band.
Check it out !!!

Blackbelt Jones

There's one sound clip on this page...but it's a brilliant sound clip. Awesome soundz from some cool guys.

The Null Set

There's not much on this page, unfortunately...


Pacify the beast in you...I love this band.


These guys are true entertainment. They perform mindblowing live shows and their sound is true grit...homina homina homina..


Still a big favourite. They play wild live shows. If you ever get the chance to see them play live...drop everything and go!!!


I've yet to see these guys live but this website of theirs is brilliant and the sound clips have to be checked out to be believed. Can't believe what I've been missing all this time. 10 outta 10.