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[Vice Squad] [Allday/Stomach] [Monkhouse] [Disfunctional] [ChemicalBros.]


Vice Squad - ? (LP) Vinyl £?

Ok, now it's time for a bit of a mess. This is Dan here, a friend of Olys, and i don't give two f**ks about my s**tty grammer or spelling so f**k that. I think I'll treat you all to a little review of Vice Squad. I can't actually remember what the album is called, but it's extremely cool and deadly and stuff. Probably the best three songs on the whole album are Last rockers, Revelution and Tomorrows Soldier. I've just remembered the name of the album, but i couldn't be bothered going back and correcting it, so I'll just tell you now: It's called Last Rockers, and it's f**king deadly. Anyway, I've got to go now, Ihope you enjoyed this informative and incredibly grammatically correct review type thing. You all come back now, ya hear? See ya, Lots of Love, DAN. pUnX aNd StUfF.

All Day/Stomach - Split (Rejected/Know) 7" £2

First of all, I just want to say that All Day are WANK! There's nothing in particular that I can put my finger on that I hate about, but as a whole, it really is a sack of stale clitoris. A few of my friends like them, so it's probably just me, but I mean... the lyrics ("You and me, Reach our final destiny, You and me, Will never be, Reach our final destiny" - The F**K???), and above all, that pathetic american accent. Sounds like a f*kin extra from Barney. On to Stomach... Now, this band is cool... The first track is kinda melodic, but has a degree of harshness in it too... The second track is leeched from Government Issue, which is f*kin excellent and there's also a soundbite at the end from Fr. Ted which kinda makes up for having the aural equivalant of a dead nazi on the other side. It seems good at first, then after a while it smells like sh*te and you realise that burying it would be a better idea than leaving it where it is. Philosophical Oly strikes again!

Monkhouse - The Final Indignity (Rejected) CD £5 - Tape £2

Odds and ends collected from previous releases, demos, radio shows gigs etc. To be honest, I didn't like this as much as Glue Bag (Reviewed last ish). It's still a great compilation though, but it doesn't pack together the same amount of emotion in it. Maybe it's just me, because loads of other people like it.. (Déja Vu!) but this just doesn't have the same impact their last effort did. Probably because most of this stuff is old, and it's not really an album, more of a collection. Overall, for me at least, this final release is disappointing, but I did get a few moments of happiness when some English bloke started slagging them off when they were playing in the Ormond. "S-C-U-M!" - English Bloke "What a nice guy" - Monkhouse It's a pity. I really wanted to like this release, a shame really. If yr a fan of them, I'd advise that you have a listen before buying it, or just get the tape version.

Disfunctional - Fuck Off Oasis (Demo) Tape £1 + Stamp

This is another mindblowing demo from a mindblowing band. I caught these guys in the Chinaman a while back, with Striknien DC and Cheapskate. Anyway, my favourite would have to be "Waster", the drumming is f*kin amazing... The whole tape just seems to be a handful of an ultrafast chunk of hatred, mixed with amazing guitar & garnished with bites from Monty Python. Nice to see that Python's still making the rounds! The only bad thing I can really say about the tape, is that my version seemed to be recorded over an REM album. Hmm... As soon as "Fuck your Mother" ends, I'm treated to the warbling whining tones of Michael Stipe. But he's a skin, so I suppose it's ok. Lyncher, 50 Grange Road, Baldoyle, Dublin 13.

The Chemical Brothers - Exit Planet Dust (BMG) CD £13.99

Bit of a break from the norm, and for all of you contemplating to drop this fanzine on the ground before running away very quickly... Don't! I still reckon that this band is excellent, despite all the "Kill Synthetic Music" buzz that's making the rounds t the mo. Been there, Done that, Opened my mind.... I still loathe Dance and all, but this kind of music shares the same basics that I love in Music, thumping bass, good drums and a catchy tune that throttles your head until you start humming/ whistling/ grunting it on the bus or wherever, which is what makes me like this band. I know a good few people who into bands like these but are too embarrased to admit it, after just giving a long speech about "Xworx E-Heads". Anyway, the band... F**king excellent tunes and nice to see that they haven't used too many samples which lets too many tunes of this genre down. £14 might be a bit too much for most people, but hey! It's Christmas!