HeLiUm BoNg 3


Thanks to S@E for giving their fan-bloody-tastic opinion of hb2. What are the bets that they never read Coffee Shop Blues in the first place before saying that I "seem to think it's been inspired by hb"? Anyone who read hb1 and CSB would figure out that the "Sell out" article was mine. Looks like someone should really get a bit more organised with their critiscisms. When I said "There's yr obligatory mention, yis scabby cunts!!!", I meant it in an "Alright S@E? How the f**k are ya?" way, not as a "Christ, there's your f**king mention. Geebags." way that they seem to think I meant. Ah well. Anyway, my copy of S@E was ripped and had footprints over it when I picked it up in Freebird. At least *someone's* got the right idea.

On the 23rd, Ross, Kate and myself went off to the Jackbeast/Steeky etc gig. The atmosphere was as lively as a stroke victim in a desert. The 7" that they handed out was lovely too. The 2nd f**king Rainbow Ceile band isn't the kinda thing yr meant to hand out in gigs, regardless of how shite they are. Anyway, on with the rest of hb... This issue is mostly dedicated to religion, or rather lack of it in the Moan & Groan section & a little piece on Funderland & mainstream concerts. Next issue should be about Anarchy/Democracy/Capitalism. If you can be arsed to make a contribution, then go right ahead. It doesn't matter about the subject, just as long as it's not about saving the world from the carnivorous capitalists. We've all read enough of that politically correct bullsh*t. See ya so.


Howdy!: Pierce (It's so fucking cold!), Donal (Go Mr. Comedy, HEY Mr Comedy, Go Mr. Comedy, GO!! Funny Funny!), Clíodhnagh, Danny, Audrey, Kate, Dan, Sandy, Orla (She gets wet in seconds just looking at Donal), Evanser, Gar , Fayzer, Javi, The two Toni's, AJ & Colin at Subway, Owensie, Flora, Satu, Karen, Shane's lunch, The Yeba Monster, El-Matty, Barra, Ruth, Thomas, Basket girl, Eoghan, Matthew, Ross, Bennie, Glenn, Patch & Fiachra RIP & to all of the squeaky clean fanzines/freesheets who are going to save the world: Good luck!